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The Qld Government has issued the latest Aged Care Direction #10.

There are no significant changes from earlier versions to visitors to our Home and also Residents being able to leave for the attached reasons.

Changes include workforce management processes and also changes for Homes that are in restricted zones.
Thankfully Carinya is not in a restricted zone and it is hoped this will be the case moving forward.

In regards to our ongoing preparations for any outbreak, planning continues and we fine tune our plans from learnings from other providers and also from changes required by the State and Federal Governments.

The Home has and continues to ensure all our Staff receive training in the use of PPE that would be required in the case of an outbreak.
This is ongoing and forms part of our critical training including hand hygiene and infection control procedures.

Carinya maintains a supply of PPE that is considered sufficient for the first days of an outbreak until supplies are received from the National Stockpile.

Workforce planning in terms of being able to address significant shortages in the case of an outbreak is ongoing and forms part of planning and scenarios of how this will be best addressed.
Options include use of agency staff, changes to shifts, allocation of staff to assist in areas that is not their usual role and other initiatives to attempt to provide the best level of care with the resources available, at the time.

We are expecting an Infection Control spot audit by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission as they check the preparedness of all aged care providers in Australia.

Thank you again for maintaining connections with your loved ones – this is appreciated.

David Osborne
Chief Executive Officer



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