Carinya Home Board & Management

The Carinya Board is comprised of volunteers who play an active role in ensuring we maintain our compliance and focus on providing quality care to our residents, from a qualified team of workers with the best resources available. Our management team is comprised of experienced professionals, dedicated to their duty of ensuring the residents of Carinya Home receive quality care, providing leadership to the teams that comprise the Carinya workforce.

The Carinya Board of Directors

Gerard Simon President

Margaret Black Vice President, Director

James Crompton Treasurer, Director

Gordon Malcolm Secretary, Director

Shaaron Linwood Director

Amanda Montaldi Director

Kirstie Whybird Director

Laurel Eden Director

Mandy Whybird Director

The Carinya Management Team

David Osborne Chief Executive Officer

Robyn Brady Director of Care

Ranjani Nand Finance Manager

Donna Zappala Admissions Officer

Shelley Vidler Quality Manager

Sammy Rugut JCL Clinical Care Leader

Kathrina Arillo KWL Clinical Care Leader

Chris Bourke Activities & Volunteer Coordinator

Thor Bouttell Hospitality Services Coordinator

Stewart Grandcourt Maintenance Manager

Karen Hockings Clinical Educator

Dani Gurnick HR Coordinator

Life Members

Jim Chapman Patron / Life member

Enid Collins Life Member

Dennis Lee Sye Life Member

Gordon Redding Life member

Kevin Wadley Life Member

We are proud of Carinya Home

Our residents form the heart of the Carinya community. All we do is centered around their comfort and care. Our place is where loved ones are welcomed and residents enjoy all of life’s possibilities. Welcome to Carinya Home.

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