24/03 COVID-19 Information Update

Hello Carinya Community

Firstly, I again want to commend all in their efforts to protect our loved ones and also those who work in the Home to provide our valuable services.

Last week, the Prime Minister released a statement in regards to visitors to Aged Care facilities which we have distributed widely and these are the conditions we currently adhere to.
Thank you for working with us to be compliant in the best interests of all.

From tomorrow, Wednesday [25/03], I strongly urge all families and friends to seriously reconsider your visits to the Home
– are they necessary?
– can they be delayed?
– can a phone call or video call be made instead?

If you are able to provide a smart device to maintain a social connection with your loved one I strongly urge you to do this now.
We can assist in connecting to our wifi network.

The restrictions that can be imposed by the Government will potentially be quite severe in terms of stopping visitations so if this can be delayed by people minimizing their visits to the Home now, that would be appreciated.

I understand this request may be difficult for a lot of families however reducing the number of contacts with external sources will assist in minimizing the potential effect on the Home.
This is in addition to my request to Residents to minimize and avoid leaving the Home and if necessary, to speak with the nurse on duty prior.

Another part of the statement by the Prime Minister was to make it clear that all Staff Members, Volunteers, Contractors and Visitors to the Home from 1st May, must have a current flu vaccination.
This is not a negotiable option and the Home has gone to extreme measures to secure vaccines for our Staff in early April, so we can comply with this direction.

The message is clear: if you have not had a flu vaccination by 1st May you will not be able to visit the Home.

These are difficult times for all and a Community approach is vital to minimize the impacts of COVID-19 as well as the normal flus and colds that are about at this time of the year and in the coming months.

I will provide any new information or directives from Government as normal.

David Osborne
Chief Executive Officer

We are proud of Carinya Home

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