03/04 COVID-19 Information Update

Hello Carinya Community

Thanks for supporting the Home and your loved ones by reducing your visits – we understand this can be difficult.

A reminder that from 1st May 2020, the Government requires ALL Visitors, Staff and Contractors to have a current flu vaccination, otherwise they will not be permitted to enter the Home.

From 1st May you will be asked to produce evidence to our Staff that you have a current vaccination.
This can be by a receipt or letter from the Doctor or Pharmacy where you received the vaccine.

If you are a regular Visitor to the Home – Thank You – an option here is to show our Reception team evidence of your Vaccination and receive a card to produce as required, which may be easier than showing paperwork each visit.

Thanks again for the care and attention you show your loved ones, it really is appreciated.

All the best for the weekend.

David Osborne
Chief Executive Officer