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Applying for aged care can be an overwhelming and stressful experience for everyone involved. Our team are here to help you understand the options and to guide you every step of the way. Whether your move is temporary or permanent, we have tried to make our application process as simple and easy to navigate through. We are confident you will be delighted with the care and services we offer.

Please contact our office on (07) 4091 2177 to request an application pack, we can either email this to you or post it. If you are local, we can even hold it at reception ready for collection.

Easy steps to follow when applying

Step 1: Register with My Aged Care

Before you can access government-subsidised aged care services, you will need to register with My Aged Care.

To be eligible for My Aged Care you must be 65 years or older or 50 years or older for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people.

With your consent My Aged Care will create client record containing information regarding your needs, details of any assessment and/ or service referrals and results of any assessment details of any aged care services you may be receiving.

For further information please head online to the My Aged Care website here

Step 2: Arrange an ACAT Assessment

Once you have registered with My Aged Care and are eligible for government aged care support you will need an ACAT Assessment (Aged Care Assessment Team).

The ACAT Assessment team is made up of health professionals such as doctors, nurses and social workers who provide information and advice to the elderly who are experiencing difficulty living at home. The assessment helps establish which services and care you are eligible to access.

To arrange an assessment, you can contact ACAT directly by calling 1800 200 422 or via the website here or alternatively, you can speak with your doctor to provide a referral to your nearest assessment team.

For more information on the ACAT Assessment, please see the FAQs on this page.

Step 3: Arrange an Assets Assessment

You may be eligible for government assistance for your permanent residential accommodation costs depending on your personal finances.

Department of Human Services (Centrelink) or Department of Veteran’s Affairs determines your financial situation. To do this, Centrelink conducts a Combined Income and Assets Assessment. There are two forms, so be careful you select the right one to complete and submit. SA485 Residential Aged Care Property Details for Centrelink and DVA Customers is to be completed if you own your home. If you don’t own your home form SA457 Residential Aged Care Calculation of your cost of care is the one to completed.

Should you not wish to complete an income assessment the government will require you to pay the full fees.

This process can usually be the longest taking around 14 – 120 days to receive the outcome of your income and assets assessment. We are here to help you in the meantime and provide an estimated fee. This service is provided on the first initial interview after receiving your application.

It is important to understand the overall amount you pay for both the care provided and accommodation (room) depends on your financial situation.

For more information on the Assets Assessment, please see the FAQs on this page.

Step 4: Apply

Whether your application is for immediate care or longer-term planning there is some important information that we will need from you to support your application.

Information we need prior to your first appointment with our Admission Supervisor includes;

  • Carinya Home Application Form
  • Patient Health Summary & Medicare Immunisation History
  • Copy of ACAT Approval Codes (Residential Respite & Residential Permanent)
  • Enduring Power of Attorney – Full Certified Copy
  • Advanced Health Directive – Full Certified Copy
  • Photocopy of Pension & Medicare Cards
  • About Me Sunflower

The second step; one you have returned your completed application pack to Main Reception, you are welcome to make an appointment to meet with our Admissions Supervisor. During this first meeting we will take the time to answer your questions, discuss your choices and preferences for your future and your care needs. We would like to partner with you and your family to provide the care and lifestyle that best meets your needs and preferences. We will also discuss what to bring to make your room as home like as possible and the process to label your clothing. If you haven’t already had a tour through our beautiful home we will take this opportunity to show it to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect from an ACAT Assessment?

A member from the assessment team will come visit you in your home to get a better understanding on how you are managing with your day to day activities such as, bathing, shopping, cooking and cleaning. With your consent your local doctor may tell the representative about your medical history to help determine what kind of care and support will be best beneficial to you. During this process you may wish to have a member of your family or a carer present during the visit. Once the ACAT assessment as been completed they will let you know whether or not you are eligible to access government support for residential aged care. They may give you a copy of the assessment report or they may choose to post it to you later on. Your ACAT assessment is free and will be valid indefinitely unless advised otherwise.

How are my assets and my income assessed?

The assessment is an extensive questionnaire about what you and your partner/ spouse own and earn. It’s important to know that you are considered to own half of your assets with your partner/spouse regardless of who owns the title to the assets.

When is the family home excluded from the assessment?

The family home will be excluded if one of the following apply;

  • You have a spouse, partner or dependent child still living in the family home at the time of the assessment or at the time you enter into care (whichever date is earlier)
  • A close family member has lived in the family home for at least 5 years and is eligible for an income support payment (such as a government pension or allowance)
  • A carer has lived in the family home for at least 2 years and is eligible for an income support payment (such as government pension or allowance)
  • For information on the assessment process call Centrelink on 13 24 68.

What is a Basic Daily Care Fee?

The Basic Daily Care Fee is set by the Australian Government and is the same across all care. It is calculated at 85% of the single pension rate of the basic age pension (it increases when the aged pension increases) and is adjusted every March and September. This fee covers your day-to-day living costs in residential aged care such as meals, cleaning, laundry, heating and cooling. Please check for the most up to date fee.

What is a Means-Tested Care Fee?

The Means Tested Care Fee is set by the Australian Government based on an assessment of your personal financial situation. If you are required to pay a Means-Tested Care Fee, this will be clearly stated on the determination letter you receive after completing the income and assets assessment. This fee applies to residents who are assessed to have sufficient means to contribute to their overall residential aged care costs, including nursing and personal care.

The Means-Tested Care Fee is capped at a maximum amount per year and also has a lifetime limit. The currently maximum amount that can be charged is available on the My Aged Care Website.

Are there any additional fees involved?

Carinya offers Signature Services, an additional services fee under the Residential Aged Care Agreement. It is a non-optional means tested fee that enable us to provide services over and above those that the home is funded to provide. This includes but is not limited to facilitating face time with residents and family members, individual preferences when it comes to interests, social and spiritual needs. Day lounges fitted with tea & coffee making facilities; an outdoor bird observatory and other recreational/garden areas for residents and visitors. Additional menu choices at lunch and dinner plus a full cooked breakfast four days per week. As well as, the option to have a Flat-screen TV provided and or a fridge that is fully maintained, cleaned and monitored.

We are proud of Carinya Home

Our residents form the heart of the Carinya community. All we do is centered around their comfort and care. Our place is where loved ones are welcomed and residents enjoy all of life’s possibilities. Welcome to Carinya Home.

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