17/06 COVID-19 Information Update

The Qld Aged Care Directions have been updated to No 6.

The main changes include:

People Entering:
• Visitors – up to two at any one time.
• NO limit on number of visits or length.
• Visits to be in Resident room or private area, not communal areas.
• Children under 16 can enter (if they have had fluvax, if available to them)

Residents Leaving the facility – reasons include:
• exercise
• attending small family gatherings of up to 20 people (as long as physical distancing can be maintained)
• receiving or accessing health care
• attending a funeral
• visiting another residential aged care facility.

• no excursions such as bus trips and day trips to beach
• anyone entering must still have fluvax (if available to them)

David Osborne
Chief Executive Officer

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Further Information:

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